Name: [Johan]
Username: [MINNAL]
Age (optional): [private]
Result: [66]
Country: [India]
What is your Discord username?: [Mr JJ Johan
Why do you want to join?: [Because I love people who are in the clan of respect and fun  their contribution to help
players. I hope to be a small part of this great and wonderful clan. I will try to contribute to helping players like the awesome clan members. And to be as useful as I can.]
Anything else?: [we back]

Netrual, I don't have enough interaction with the player

-1, You are not ready because you did not put any effort into writing.  :o

                         \/ \/

-1 You just copied the Application from Edwin Application which is not allowed.

-1. Not very active and clearly didn't even bother putting any effort posting this application.
No Game No Life

Wrong title and as the clan members said you did not put any effort in you application you copied [vG]Mr.Edvin's clan application . DECLINED.

You can re-apply after 7 days.