Mar 09, 2023, 09:00 AM Last Edit: Mar 09, 2023, 10:13 AM by ToXiN
Briefly, what is your suggestion?:The (/vvote) system while counting the available players in the server should prefer players with little more experience (atleast of 3 hours). The /vvote of new players should also be considered but the preference for the player counter shall be only little experienced player.
Suggestion Description:reworking on vehicle reboot system.
Why should this idea be added to vR? How will it improve the forum or server?:Most of the players are in their early stage of the game and are WH mission. Most of the time they get stuck for not having a vehicle around and the vehicle not getting rebooted coz of newly joined players of not being aware of the vehicle reboot system. This will greatly help everyone for those who get stuck throughout the map.
Anything else?:[No Thanks]

-1. You could use /resetcar to return a personal vehicle to you that you park at your warehouse. Also, it doesn't feel right to remove the majority section of the /vvote as that is what makes it most fair in my opinion. You note about players who are inexperienced doing warehouse missions but by then they will likely have enough score to count for /vvote anyway

Flame i think you didn't get that point,let me make it simple, regarding wh mission it was just an example . Similarly if anyone of the players are getting stuck in the map and if the vehicle from that location is missing then he/she is not being able to do the vehicle reboot since the new player(if any) dont understand even after requesting for vvote.