= Name:Capone
- Ban Date:21/07/22
- Ban Reason: Surfly
- Banned By: Server

- Why should we unban you?: I was flying the courier Maverick low into the checkpoint but I somehow ended up falling through the map. I pressed enter to get out of the helicopter as I was falling through the map, ended up back on the map only to be greeted by the server telling me I have been banned for airbreak. I've spent 7 hours on this game since 19/07/22 and I am enjoying every second of it.

- Supporting Evidence: I don't know what I can provide for this as it just all happened so fast so I don't have any recordings. I can provide anything that you may find to be helpful upon your request. Some supportive evidence I can provide is that I fell through the map at a business in Red County.

- Anything Else: Sorry if I can't be any more helpful than this! I really do not want to lose my in-game progress so far because of a mistake.

Post a picture of your GTA San Andreas directory.

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I am unable to attach the image, it says it's too big. Any other way I can upload it?
Edit: Nvm Uploaded

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Can you provide a screenshot of the properties for your SAMP folder?

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Unbanned. Locked.