Ban Date:[/09 october evening 2022]
Ban Reason:[/advertising another server name]
Banned By:[/[vG]Spencer]
Why should we unban you?:[/because i am new to server and also new to samp i dont know that telling another server name in a server and insulting this server is a bad work]
Supporting Evidence:[/no supporter because this is my mistake]
Anything Else:[/i realize my mistake as no one is my supporter that means that this is my fault and i am really sorry to admins and specially server for that please unban me i want to join server again]

When you first join the server you are prompted with a list of rules that you agree or disagree to. Considering that you were a member on the server you had of course agreed to the rules therefore meaning you should've been somewhat aware that Advertising is against the server rules (Not to mention it's common sense anyway). I'd also like to mention that you mildly insulted the server so regardless I'm not particularly interested in having you on the server.

Appeal Refused

Spencer please answer me please and check my pm to you