Name: Stranger
Ban Date:31.12.2022
Ban Reason:Blacklisted back in 2020 i think
Banned By:Flame
Why should we unban you?:I enjoyed the server back then, I honestly dont know what caused me to be the bad guy to get blacklistet. I was offline at the heists and i just had good contact with Lauren. Wich i dont have anymore... not even a bit
I am asking for a 2nd chance... take your time considering this please
Supporting Evidence:No
Anything Else:Happy new year

Doesn't know what caused it...

Blacklists are discussed with staff and only removed on a unanimous basis. It will be discussed stand by

#2 Jan 04, 2023, 02:04 AM Last Edit: Jan 04, 2023, 02:08 AM by Flamey
Player will remain blacklisted. Reasons are as follows:
  • In one part of your unban appeal you state that you don't know what it is that you did to get blacklisted, but then you ask for a 2nd chance. In my opinion you are well aware of your involvement you just want to not hold yourself accountable. Also, you say you were offline for the heists but you directly involved yourself by deciding the most skilled roleplayers at the time made a mistake, and the one taught by myself didn't. You then decided to attack us, the members of staff, in the message attached in my previous reply.
  • Allowing blacklisted players to return defeats the purpose of a blacklist, as it is a PERMANENT REMOVAL of problematic players such as yourself from our community.
  • Allowing players to return who have decided to leave in tandem with others has proved worse than just sticking with the blacklist, made clear by later additions to the blacklist of players previously on said list.

You can of course reply but you couldn't have really expected that we would find any other outcome than this, considering you can't even apologise for the behaviour that led to this.