Name: [Johan]
Username: [MINNAL]
Age (optional): [private]
Result: [66]
Country: [India]
What is your Discord username?: [Mr JJ Johan
Why do you want to join?: [Because I love people who are in the clan of respect and fun  their contribution to help
players. I hope to be a small part of this great and wonderful clan. I will try to contribute to helping players like the awesome clan members. And to be as useful as I can.]
Anything else?: [we back]

Netrual, I don't have enough interaction with the player

-1, You are not ready because you did not put any effort into writing.  :o

                         \/ \/

-1 You just copied the Application from Edwin Application which is not allowed.

-1. Not very active and clearly didn't even bother putting any effort posting this application.
No Game No Life