Ban Date:25.01.23
Ban Reason:Rasicm
Banned By:Spencer and Flame
Why should we unban you?:I can understand why I'm I banned in vG Dicosrd server, but I don't see a reason to be banned in vG SAMP server (the joke I send in vG discord server, it's a dark joke) I wasn't racist or something in vG SAMP server. I'm really sorry for what happened and i relly like playing on vG server in samp :/
Supporting Evidence: .
Anything Else: You all need to be little more chill; and to accept some jokes :)

Racism isn't accepted in Valiant Gaming and it's in the rules which you agree to abide by. I banned you from the SAMP Server because you were in fact racist, Logs can be pulled if necessary.

May i add that late december you were warned by Skyy not to be racist, Logs prove that you've been racist after that warning.

In the discord server, you did not send a "dark joke" you used an ethnic slur. Dark jokes don't include being racist, despite what you may think. This was also in the main chat of the vR discord.
For context:
We have a zero tolerance to this behaviour so the discord ban will be permanent.

As for the server ban, you have been warned multiple times to keep the n word out of the main chat.
You will be unbanned from the server on 28/01/2023.

As for your anything else section, we do not allow any racist, homophobic or otherwise hateful content in ANY form. We will not change our stance on this despite how you may perceive them as "jokes".