Firstly im sorry for the 3 wrong topics i wasnt reading the rules very good

What is your Discord username?:Mr.Venom#3105
Why do you want to join: I've joined and played for less than 1 month. Maybe with that period of time and im helping other people i dont lie about how much i was anoying but i've changed

anything else:i have been in inactivity for reson my gta doesnt work for 2 days and other 10 day because the school exams and we have internet proplem in my country the internet goes off for like 7 hours but its fixed now "We Back"

 Dear @itsBalagan ,

 I'm writing this to inform you with my decision , You still didn't read the Clan rules well , and there alot for you to  learn first , You aren't ready to join the Clan yet so as a result I decided that you are DECLINED.
You can re-apply after 7 days.